New Benefits for CTHS Members!
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The CTHS National Office is excited to announce Membership Benefit Partnerships with G1 Goldmine and Plusvital Limited! We welcome the opportunity to provide our Breeders with additional tools to assist them in assessing and choosing matches between their Mares and potential Stallions.

Matthew McEnnis and his father have been racing Thoroughbreds for the last decade, where they formed McEnnis Racing and had some great success. During this success G1 Goldmine was used and through further achievements using this tool, decided to purchase an interest in G1 Goldmine. Now, Matthew wishes to give others a chance to improve their success.

CTHS Full Annual Members will receive one complementary Broodmare Analysis Report for their mare. This complementary report is valued at $175 US and will give Breeders a new perspective into the hypothetical mating’s of the top 40 Stallions with their Broodmare. Once Membered Breeders access the Benefit, the 20/20 Broodmare Analysis will be sent within 24 hours. For more information on the Broodmare Analysis, please visit This Benefit is currently one per Member; the CTHS looks to extend this partnership to possibly being a yearly benefit for Members if the initial introduction and roll out is well received.

The CTHS is also excited to introduce Marylu Ernsting who is the North American Territory Manager for Plusvital Limited. Full Annual CTHS Members will be able to access a 10% discount on Plusvital items and services. Plusvital began in 1975 with a focus on equine nutrition; in 2015 Plusvital acquired Equinome. Equinome is best known for offering Elite Performance tests and the Equinome Speed Gene Test based off ground-breaking research of Equinome’s cofounder Dr. Emmeline Hill. With the company expansion, Plusvital looks forward to including services in the field of DNA analysis & nutrigenomics. For more information on the company, products and services visit their website,

Details on how CTHS Annual Full Members can access these benefits will shortly be available on the CTHS websites. Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society National Office.


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