Ontario Racing Leadership Announcement
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Ontario Racing’s Executive Director, Rob Cook, has announced his resignation from the association, effective August 7, 2017.

Ontario Racing’s Chair Hugh Mitchell wished Mr. Cook the very best for his future and expressed gratitude on behalf of OR’s board for Mr. Cook’s significant contributions in leading the organization during its development over the past year.

“Under Rob Cook’s leadership, Ontario Racing has developed from its creation in early 2016 into a strong, credible and well established industry association,” said Mr. Mitchell. “Thanks to Mr. Cook’s efforts to build Ontario Racing into a truly representative organization for the industry, the association is now firmly positioned to work with our government partners in securing the long-term economic future of horse racing in our province.”

“Working to bring together the different stakeholders in Ontario’s horse racing sector towards supporting a shared vision for the successful future of this sport, and this industry, has been a great privilege,” said Mr. Cook. “I am proud of the enormous amount of work accomplished by our volunteer board of directors over Ontario Racing’s first year.”

The Board of Directors is working closely with OR’s executive team to manage the transition.

In serving as Ontario Racing’s first Executive Director, Mr. Rob Cook oversaw the establishment of the association, guided the formation of a new, dedicated board of directors and governance framework, and led a comprehensive, inclusive public consultation process on a broad range of important policy issues. He brought the views of the horse racing industry front and centre in countless policy deliberations with the Ontario government and its public agencies.

Prior to joining Ontario Racing, Mr. Cook served as Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Waste Management Association, where he will be reprising that role upon leaving Ontario Racing.
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Mike Chopowick
Director of Policy