Scholarships - Gillian Luxton MD Scholarship Fund

The Ontario Division of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS), through its Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP), has established a scholarship fund to assist people in the industry to achieve educational goals. The CTHS will annually grant a $5,000 College or University Scholarship (bursary) to a qualified applicant. The first installment of $2,500 shall be issued upon qualification, and the final installment of $2,500 shall be issued upon successful completion of a post secondary school program.

Through this program, the CTHS seeks students of outstanding merit who appreciate the value of learning and are willing to achieve success through effort.


There will only be one successful applicant per year. The Scholarship Review Committee of the CTHS will review eligible applications and will notify the successful applicant prior to the start of the usual academic year. The selection criteria will include academic ability, demonstrated involvement in the horse industry, and academic/training programs related to the horse or horse racing. The Committee may cancel the second payment at any time if the applicant does not complete his/her course successfully or for other reasons deemed by the Committee to be undesirable conduct.

Eligibility: (not all of these criteria is essential to be a successful candidate)

  • Must be a son or daughter or employee of a CTHS member or is a member himself or herself. (Note: children/employees of members of the current Board of Directors of the CTHS are not eligible except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Must be actively involved in the Thoroughbred industry for a minimum of one year, or a sibling of an actively involved individual.
  • The Post Secondary Program enrolled in must be horse oriented.
  • Students must carry a full load for the entire academic year as defined by the program in which they are enrolled.
  • Must maintain a passing average.
  • Scholarships are not available to those who are recipients of other scholarships or bursaries except in exceptional circumstances.

CTHS (Ontario Divison) – Scholarship Recipients for the Gillian Luxton MD Scholarship Award

This award has been renamed in memory of Dr. Luxton, a successful breeder and former Director of the CTHS (Ontario Division), whose comittment to the Thoroughbred industry touched many lives.

Here is a listing of our current & past recipients:


Danielle Ciomyk 

Nicole Landry 

Michaela Kemp





Lauren Thom 


Megan Kerford 2012
Eva Hirmer 2011
Amanda Marsella 2010
Isobel Richardson 2009
Jennifer Gordon 2008
Julia Grey 2007
Clare McCormack 2006
Caitlin Grguric / Natasha Weatherall 2005
Susan Emerson 2004
Catherine Filejski 2003
Daniel A. Mooney / Krista Kocot 2001
Paul M. Taylor 2000
Katie Drohan 1999
Darrell Simpson 1998