What We Do

  • The CTHS aims to ensure a viable future for its members by providing assistance and representation within the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.
  • The CTHS serves effectively as a clearinghouse for questions and answers about the industry from breeders within Ontario.
  • The CTHS serves as a voice for its members in the industry. As key issues and problems of the business are discussed, the CTHS representatives carry the voice of breeders to those meeting rooms where decisions are made.
  • The CTHS communicates regularly with its members on vital issues and projects we have embraced through newsletters, announcements and annual general meetings.
  • The CTHS provides a series of cash benefits for its members, including Breeders Awards, Bonuses and a subscription to Canadian Thoroughbred magazine.
  • The CTHS is heavily involved with Ontario Racing in efforts to gain more favourable tax legislation and other positive legislative changes.
  • The CTHS hosts its Annual Awards Night, which brings together breeders from all across Ontario in a gala social evening.
  • The CTHS continues to hold sales in Ontario to serve as a means for our membership to sell their stock and increase their cash benefits from breeding.
  • The CTHS, through our Thoroughbred Improvement Program, distributes funds to various programs including the Ontario Sire Stakes, Breeders Awards, Sales Promotion, Stakes and other races.
  • The CTHS continues to provide many free services to our members including Naming and Live Foal reporting via the Internet.
  • The CTHS is heavily involved with the Performance Horse Industry by supporting Thoroughbreds in all their careers.
  • The CTHS supports many facets of the Thoroughbred Industry through sponsorship of various organizations including the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, C.A.R.D., the Royal Winter Fair and LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society.

The Board of Directors urgently requires input from every CTHS ONT member to assist the Board in representing and advocating on behalf of the membership.

The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Individual responses will remain PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL within the Board of Directors. Summarized group statistical data will be published. The CTHS ONT will only publish individual comments, opinions concerns or suggestions with the clear and advance consent of any such member. Please complete the survey now and pass it on to every other member you know.

Thank you for your time and effort in helping us manage the current and future needs of Thoroughbred Breeders in Ontario.