Who We Are

The CTHS aims to ensure a viable future for its members by providing assistance and representation within the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.

CTHS Ontario – Strategic Plan

The CTHS Ontario is a membership-based organization formed to promote, support, and improve the breeding of thoroughbred race horses in Ontario.  It is the voice of Ontario breeders.  A healthy and vibrant thoroughbred breeding industry in Ontario is essential to support thoroughbred racing in Ontario.


The principal objective of the CTHS Ontario is to support breeders and improve the economics and sustainability of the thoroughbred breeding industry.  Specific tactics include:


  • To insure and raise awareness that the critical importance of breeders as the basis for the thoroughbred racing industry in Ontario is widely recognized.
  • To conduct, promote and expand the annual yearling sale to provide a market for yearlings produced by our membership.
  • To conduct an annual live mixed sale of breeding stock and associated on-line sales, as appropriate.
  • To represent the interests of thoroughbred breeders on critical racing organizations such as Ontario Racing and the Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP).
  • To work with all key racing organizations to develop a racing program that supports Ontario breeding and can be supported by Ontario breeders. This involves liaison with Woodbine Racetrack, Fort Erie Racetrack, HBPA, Ontario Racing, and the Ontario Lottery Corporation.
  • Provide an annual awards program celebrating the successes of Ontario breeders.
  • Provide statistical summaries and other relevant data needed to evaluate the success of breeding programs.
  • Maintain an office at Woodbine Racetrack to conduct CTHS programs and to assist members in accessing registration and other breeding programs and initiatives.
  • The CTHS Ontario will pursue new sources of funding that will allow it to provide the above services and to expand existing programs.


Membership in the CTHS Ontario is restricted to active breeders of Thoroughbred horses and their families.  The CTHS Ontario is managed by a Board of Directors (up to 11 members) that is elected for three-year terms.  The specific objectives of the organization are fulfilled by standing committees which report to the full Board.  These committees are: Horse Sales Committee, Marketing Committee, Finance Committee, Operations Committee, and Liaison Committee (CTHS Executive Committee with WEG and ORM).


The CTHS Ontario takes a leadership role in the promotion and representation of the thoroughbred breeding industry in Ontario.


Contact Information Nationally

National Office:
Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society
Tel: 416-675-1370
Fax: 416-675-9405
Email: info@cthsnational.com

Ontario :
Tel: 416-675-3602
Fax: 416-675-9405
Email: cthsont@idirect.com 

Tel: 604-534-0145
Fax: 604-534-2847
Email: cthsbc@cthsbc.org 

Alberta :
Tel: 403-229-3609
Fax: 403-244-6909
Email: cthsweb@cthsalta.com

Manitoba :
Tel: 204-832-1702
Fax: 204-831-6735
Email: cthsmb@mymts.net


Saskatchewan :
Tel: 306-644-4613
Rose Backlund
Email: cherrygrove@sasktel.net